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 Education System

   The Korean educational system consists of 6 years of elementary education, 3 years of junior high school education, 3 years of senior high school education, and 4 years of college education, and then graduate schools. The system also include 2-year junior college courses and nursery schools.
   As far as foreigners are concerned, although there are schools, universities where english is used as the medium of teaching. But ,most of schools and univerisities use korean language as a teaching langauge. So, every one needs to learn korean language before starting his/her education here.

 Undergraduate, Graduate & Ph.D

     If a foreign student wants to enroll in korean universities for undergraduate or graduate level or Ph.D, alien registration needs to be completed. Or they can first apply for the admission or scholarship. If they are selected, they will be informed and will get admitted certificate which will make them easy to get visa in the korean embassy or counsellor's office in their country. And the students can get application form online or by corresponding directly to university administration.

 Tution Fee :   ranges from $1000 to $3500 per semester and Meal/Housing($1500 per semester). But, mostly foreign students here in korea are supported by the government or the university funds. The students from Nepal and Indian region are highly encouraged to join graduate and Ph.D programs here in korea. We suggest you to visit homepages of respective university for detail or use our Q/A for your query.

 VISA :    After accepted by Korean university for persuing further study in any level, they will provide you a letter of Admission which will be sufficient to get Student VISA.

 Admission :    

                                   Spring Semester => Around February(Class Starts from March)
                                    Fall Semester      => Around April  (class starts from August)


(* we suggest all who are interested to study here in Korea either on scholarship or personal expense to let write down your interest area and query in our Q and A and visit the homepage of the universities and contact the professor of your research or interest field. We believe they will response positively and will not neglect any one.)

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