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Nepalese embassy Is situated in Huam Dong, Yongsan Gu, Seoul. For Further Details visit official homepage of Nepalese Embassy in Korea(www.nepembseoul.gov.np).


It is around 10-15 minutes walk from Seoul Station.
From the gate no 11. of Subway line no.1 or 4, walk towards the Huam Dong. as you can see the board as below.and follow the map below. to get to the Embassy of Nepal.
Contact information:

Embassy of Nepal
244-143 Huam Dong, Yongsan Gu
Seoul. (Embassy Location) 
Tel: 0082(0)2 37899 770/1
Fax: 0082(0)2736 8848
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Web: www.nepembseoul.gov.np



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