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WNSO Volunteers Interaction Program

Report by: Sanjeeb Sangraula, WNSO Nepal
Date Dec 16 2007

Dear WNSO-global Members and Freinds !

As wished by all our well wisher and freinds , the program "" was successful with the presence of many many young members and students willing for voluntarily involovement for nobel cause .
The Program started approx. around 1:30 . Mr Sanjeeb Sangroula started the program with the brief introduction about the WNSO its objectives , activities undertaken and the activities that will be organised in the near future . read more...

WNSO-Nepal's Health Check Up program

WNSO-Nepal's Health Check Up program was successfully organize in Orphan Children Home and it was very good. read more..

    Welcome to WNSO korea's official homepage. WNSO Korea is a sister
organization of WNSO(Worldwide Nepalese Students' Organization).
WNSO has been active since 2002 for the betterment of education
in Nepal.The main objective of WNSO is to unify Nepalese for
better education.

The aim of this site is to provide essential information to the
students who want to study in Korea. We hope WNSO Korea will guide
you in finding right university in Korea avoiding unnecessary expenses.
-WNSO Korea .

WNSO, worldwide Nepalese Students' Organization, is the platform
for all Nepalese Students, wherever they're, to share the information,
to multiply the knowledge and to help each other and to provide the tips to our new generation for going abroad for further study.

"Linking Nepalese Brains wherever they're"



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